10 Storage Ideas for Garages to Organize yours as a Professional

10 Storage Ideas for Garages to Organize yours as a Professional

If your garage floor is filled with objects you don’t use regularly, let me tell you that it’s not too late to make it look spotless. In this article, you will find many easy solutions to organize your garage and make it a dreamed space.

Organizing a garage filled with random things is a challenge every homeowner faces at least once in their life. Fortunately, you too can make your garage a functional space again.

Smartly storing the stuff in your garage opens up the window for using the free space for more useful activities. You could work on a side project, exercise, or simply parking your car. It’ll be a well-invested time and effort.

Without further ado, see the following storage ideas for garages and organize yours like a professional. No matter the size or the shape of the things you keep in there!

Use The Garage’s Height With Wall-mounted Shelves

The walls are your best friends when it comes to organizing your garage. Professional decorators always search for the smartest way to use all the space in a room. That includes the floor, the walls, and even the ceiling.

You can use a system of wall-mounted shelving to store books, tools, sports equipment, and many other things. These systems come in different designs and colors, and most importantly, they are made of several different strong materials. This way, you can have shelves sturdier enough to store heavy items.

Hang The Bulky Items

Because most pieces have odd shapes, organizing a basement or garage becomes arduous. Where you can place one item, you can’t put another. And one of the trickiest items to store are those that are bulky such as bicycles and sports equipment.

Nevertheless, you have a simple solution for bulky items. Attach some hooks directly to the wall so you can get these objects off the floor. As a result, you can park a car or place a box underneath these items without being worried about them falling.

Besides, you can hang the hooks as high as you want without becoming impossible for you to grab objects from them.

Hold The Small Things With Pegboards

Pegboards are a classic when it comes to organizing small objects. People use them to show small products in a store, and in workstations to keep tools at hand.

If you have office supplies and other small but valuable things, don’t doubt using pegboards. Besides, you can use pegboards along with some hooks to hold slightly heavier items such as cleaning supplies.

Also, if you add a small desk beneath the pegboard, you can create a small workstation in your garage or basement for whenever you need to write something quickly.

Use Ceiling Joists To Your Advantage

Did you make the most out of the walls but still have some bulky items left on the floor? Then use the ceiling too!

A cheap but practical solution to keep blueprints or thin tubes off the floor is cementing a simple rack using PVC pipes and connectors. Bolt two straight pipes into the joists in a vertical position, place an ‘ell’ connector at each straight pipe and join the two connectors with another straight pipe.

Repeat the process in another joist and the rack is ready. PVC pipes have a smooth surface that makes it easy to load and unload long items.

Garage Storage Cabinets With Drawers

Drawers, unlike shelves, keep the dust away from your objects. They are a practical way to store things in your garage.

What’s more, they come in plenty of different designs and materials for you to choose the one that suits your garage better.

Wood Corner Shelves

Have we talked yet about using the garage corner too? Garage corner shelves can store the same things as traditional shelves, although corner units are excellent at keeping cans because they don’t get lost easily.

You can build your own corner shelf with scrap plywood cut to fit the existing studs, and you can support them with 1×1 cleats.

Garage Storage Outside The Garage

If you run out of places to store stuff in the garage, feel encouraged to store the remaining objects outdoors. Build a garden closet.

Although a project like this demands a lot of time and hard work, the utility worths it. Firstly, it relieves a crowded garage. And second, it helps you keep all your garden gear and lawn care tools in the same place.

Don’t Throw Away Shopping Bags

Using cloth shopping bags is something almost everyone does, and probably you do it too. We might even have more shopping bags than we actually need, so we end up throwing them away.

However, you don’t need to get rid of these useful items if you place a bag dispenser in your garage. It’s the perfect place for a bag dispenser as it allows you to place your reusable shopping bags the moment you park your car. Also, it helps you remember to carry a couple with you before you go out.

Classify Items Into Different Categories

Plan as much as you can before organizing your garage. That includes separating items before buying or making shelves.

Storage spaces like the garage keep all sorts of objects. They aren’t fully organized if we simply throw items into the first shelf or drawer we see. Instead, organize tools, ladders, sports equipment, toys, etc., separately.

Once all items are classified, it’ll be much easier to know how much space they will take on the wall and what type of storage unit will fit them better too.

Square Trash Cans Over Round Ones

Recycle bins and rubbish bins, especially round ones, pose a couple of difficulties for homeowners. You might already face one of these problems.

In the first place, round trash cans don’t fit so neatly in the garage, making that space look untidy. Also, round recycle bins get stuck much more often when pulling a car into the garage, and might prevent the garage door from opening entirely. And last but not least, they are more complicated to roll out to the street.

If you’re fed up of a cluttered garage and need some extra space, don’t hesitate to contact Storebox.ie today for self storage units in Dublin.