9 Effective Storage Ideas For Kids Playroom

9 Effective Storage Ideas For Kids Playroom

Playroom Storage is a huge problem faced by every parent. This is because your children will never keep their toys in place until you keep telling them and running after them. It becomes a huge problem for most of the parents.

The storage of the toys should be perfect. This is because if the toys are broken due to storage then the kids are going to be mad until you buy them exactly new ones.

The second reason is the storage not only needs to be perfect but needs to be accessible to them too. It will be a bad idea to store them at height as the kids will not be able to reach them.

In whichever way the toys are stored there will be a mess. To help reduce the mess the best way is to organize the toys according to one particular organization method that your children will also know and understand.

It is common that kids’ rooms are generally smaller in size but storing all those toys in that small room is the real art.

While setting up a kids’ room it is very important to understand the reach of your kids. You need to plan your kid’s room in a way in which you can utilize every corner of the room to store toys within your child’s reach.

Here are a few storage tips for kids playroom that can make your room clean and the kids will have access to them too. These ideas are like storage and organization techniques which will make your kids want to clean up the mess they created.

1. Donate Few Toys

We have all faced this problem of excessive toys. On each birthday the number of toys increases as everybody gets them toys.

Think about eliminating a few toys. Make sure to eliminate those toys with which your child does not play anymore.

This is a very good way of increasing storage space. Plus the toys if donated can be given to the underprivileged kids.

2. Bookcase of Toys

A bookcase can be a very good way of storing kids’ toys. Build a low bookcase at ground level. Then use baskets or any other containers to store toys and shove them on the bookshelf.

This can be a great way of making space at home. Other than that if it is on ground level the kids can have access to them. With this, all the toys can be kept on one particular wall.

3. Colour Sorted

This is very effective if your kids have huge amounts of lego sets. Mix all the lego sets and sort them according to colors.

So when your kid plays he/she knows which piece can be found in which box. Paint the storage box with the color of the lego store.

This can be an easy and good learning game for your kids and they will have fun cleaning the mess of legos they have crcreated.

4. Tilted Bin

Tilted bins are a great way of storing the toys as these enable the kids to see which bin of toys they want.

To do this make sure that the tilted bin rack is at ground level so that they can choose the toys they want to play with.

5. Containers with a Lid

Using containers that have lids is a very good idea for storing kids’ toys. You can sort toys according to one particular sorting technique and finally put on the lid and push them on a nearby shelf.

You can make easy labels on them for sorting like big dolls in one container, small dolls in one container, and soft toys in one container. With the labels on your kids will understand better and will enjoy sorting their toys.

6. Same Group Sorting

If your kids have a lot of toys of the same size and you wish not to give them away then this idea is very good for you. Just store all the same types of toys together.

For example; store all the cars in one box, all the dolls in one box, and all the legos in one box.

7. Small Bins

Small and lidless bins are also a good way of storing toys. This generally enables your kids to dump their toys in these bins and then these can be kept on shelves or other cabinets.

This is a good way because kids tend to pull out their toys and dumping them. So if they are allowed to dump the toys in bins it can be very useful in storing them.

8. Limit The Type Of Toys

Having a huge amount of toys does not let your kid focus on one toy in particular. Limiting the types of toys will make more space for storage and the others can be donated again. Sort out the type of toys and keep a few from each section.

For example; keep a few puzzles, a few cars, and a few dolls. Make sure to keep the ones they like to play with more.

9. Bean Bags

This is one of the best storage methods for soft toys. Get a big bean bag and inside it, you can store all your kids’ soft toys. This looks great and can be used for sitting too.

There are special bean bags available in the market that are made for storage purposes. This is a very effective way of storing soft toys and a comfortable sitting arrangement too.

Keeping your house clean is every parent’s aim but it is important to make your children realise the importance of a clean house.

They must understand that cleaning their room is a priority. With these ideas, your kids’ will not only keep their rooms clean but will also enjoy doing it. A neat and clean house is always better to look at.

Make sure to be with your children in the initial days after you have created such a storage system at home. This will help your kids understand better and they can do it on their own after a few days of practice with you.

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