Decluttering: the best tips from the experts

Decluttering: the best tips from the experts

No matter how tidy we are, the nature of life means that we collect things that we ultimately don’t need – decluttering on a regular basis is a great way to clear your head.

Whether it is because of work, a house move or children growing up, decluttering is a method that can be easy to decide but difficult to put into practice.

Here are some tips for how to pare back your life to what you really need:

Decluttering tips

Yes or no piles

The best place to start is to separate out the things that you patently don’t need, from the things that you do. Whether you are in the bedroom, living room or bathroom, there will be things each day that you know deep down that you don’t need. That is the best place to start, according to Julia Pinsky of the Pinsky Project.


In your mind’s eye, picture what you want your space to look like. Get inspiration from pictures or scenes you have seen. Joshua Becker from ‘Becoming Minimalist’ recommends having a friend to help, so someone can cast a fresh eye on your rooms.

Make the time

Even the most zen people can struggle to see the wood for the trees. Designate a day or two to go through your things, working in stages. Go from the most obvious, to the more granular. The time will be well-spent when you look at the results.

The four box method

Label four boxes, like so: ‘Rubbish’, ‘Donate’, ‘Relocate’ and ‘Keep’. Every single item that you pick up should fit into one of these boxes. The key is to stay mindful; what is it that you really need? What can you do without?


There will be things that you want to keep, but do not want in your immediate vicinity. That is what a lot of customers use Storebox for.

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