How e-commerce helped my business | Miss Daisy Florists

How e-commerce helped my business | Miss Daisy Florists

At Storebox, we are delighted to play host to many local e-commerce businesses – none more so than Miss Daisy Florists.

Gareth O’Connor founded the business in Artane, starting off in retail floristry in the north city, providing personal flowers and gift delivery. The last few years has seen a move to online orders.


Storebox helped them to adapt their business model towards e-commerce, as Gareth explains.

“We had a chat with [Storebox owner] Michael about bringing the business over because it was less dependent on retail and more dependent online. That is where we came to the decision to set up primarily an online business with just a laptop and mobile phone.”

With the effects of COVID becoming clear on the Irish economy, Gareth says that moving to an e-commerce model protected their business.

“We were lucky enough that we decided to make the move [online] because if we were still in retail now, we would be closed. Having the self-contained units, we can operate so it has worked well.”


With businesses in a state of flux at the moment, the move to e-commerce has helped offset dependence on the wedding trade, which has collapsed since March 2020.

“Weddings were a huge part of our business a couple of years ago, but going online helped us to water down the effect because we were very dependent on it three years ago.

“We went from doing 72 weddings in one year, down to about seven or eight last year. It’s massive.”

Moving online does not mean that the personal touch is lost. In fact, Gareth and the team have seen repeat business turn into word-of-mouth recommendations.

Gareth says that the location of Storebox’s Artane site was very important in their growth.

“We had to get the right location at the right price. Keeping the core business in and around Artane, Beaumont, Raheny and Drumcondra – that is where we operate. Being able to set up there at a price that was competitive was key.”

Flexibility of e-commerce

Gareth said that Michael recognised that floristry gets particularly busy at certain times of the year, and was flexible with their needs.

“It was very straightforward. We started with one container and needed a second during a very busy period. We were able to ring Michael and have an extra space within 10-15 minutes when needed.

“It is brilliant for the business that we’re in. The likes of Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, large funerals – to be able to have that for 24-28 hours is fantastic.”

The future

It is a relationship that Gareth is happy to continue.

“We’re very happy with how it is working out, and we’re talking to him in the next few days about expanding into another unit as well.

“We’ve still plenty of road to travel, but we’re very happy with the start we’ve made and to grow the business over the next 12-18 months.”

If you like the sound of Miss Daisy Florist, the website is here, you can call the guys directly on 01 832 9092 or find them on Instagram.