Why start-ups like Jiminy use Storebox

Why start-ups like Jiminy use Storebox

Jiminy, an eco-toys distributor, is a start-up that we have been delighted to support at Storebox.

Jiminy is the brainchild of Dublin businesswoman Sharon Keilthy.

Sharon started Jiminy after the birth of her daughter, and realising just how much plastic waste the family was producing.

Small changes came in the form of swapping plastic toothbrushes for bamboo ones. As these were hard to find, it became a point of principle to change environmental attitudes.

Sharon believes eco-toys are the future, because production and delivery means most toys leave a huge carbon footprint. Most toys are manufactured in China, and also use enormous amounts of petroleum during production.

“When shopping for my daughter, I found myself leaving empty-handed and heavy-hearted. Everything was made in China. It is 22,000km away by sea, and everything is wrapped in plastic.

“Industry-wise, I went where the energy was. The goal is to make eco more normal and accessible.”

So Sharon started Jiminy and became an eco-friendly toy distributor. Sharon’s friend recommended Storebox to her, to hold her stock.

“Another businessperson around me told me about Storebox,” she says.

“It was absolutely super for us, in our early scale-up stages. For a business like us to have impact, we can’t be a niche online retailer. We need to get to hundreds of stores stocking our toys.

“Our business is highly seasonal: 50% of toys are sold in the run-up to Christmas. I can’t afford warehouse staff, I need to only be paying when I have orders.”

So Storebox suited Jiminy’s needs.

Jiminy recommends Storebox

Starting a business can be a fraught time, so we’ve designed our systems and contracts to allow for that.

“Here is the transition I went through with Storebox,” says Sharon.

“I went through having all my stuff at home, and having too much chaos at home. I brought some relief to home by bringing it to Storebox, with a 25 sq. ft unit.

“Then we scaled up to a 50 sq. ft. unit, and then to a full shipping container because we were getting bigger. When we outsourced fulfilment, we then went back down to two 25 sq. ft. units.”

Sharon says that the ability to shift between units was of real benefit to Jiminy.

“The flexibility was absolutely invaluable. To be able to call Michael or his colleagues and within a week to have a second unit, or to have a container. Also, having remote access was super helpful.”

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