Leaving Cert: storage tips for students & parents

Leaving Cert: storage tips for students & parents

As the Leaving Cert sees thousands of young men and women look towards college, Storebox can help you manage the move to the next stage.

In a year that has been pockmarked by chaos and uncertainty, even with the exams themselves, Leaving Cert students look towards their college experience.

Every parent knows how much stuff is accrued by students during school and college. Whether it is books, sports equipment or furniture – not all of it is going to fit into halls of residence!

Leaving Cert opportunities

As much as a young person’s college experience is a new lease of them, it is also a great time for parents to reshuffle their home. Trust me – as soon as I moved out, my parents felt they had carte blanche to redecorate!

At Storebox, we offer low-cost, accessible storage at our sites in Artane and Clondalkin.

Many of our customers are students, or parents that are looking to free up a little bit of space.


Pack what you need, leave what you don’t

One of the downsides (maybe the only one) of college is that space is at a premium. Go through all of the stuff in your room, decide what is really necessary, and what might be best off sold.

It is an opportunity to make some cash that can go towards books, or nights out with your new group!

Note: Storebox takes no responsibility for the life choices made with this newfound cash..!

Use space wisely

College involves getting a lot of books for the course, as well as equipment for new hobbies – so you need to be smart with your space.

Here are a couple of ideas:

A headboard and shelf above the bed can be really handy for toiletries, books and so on!

If you have the opportunity to buy your own bed, go for one with drawers underneath!

For the more creative among you, try the staircase bookcase – handy, but not if you’re unsteady on your feet..!

That’s it!

For everything else, give Storebox a shout. We’re here to help, with short or long-term contracts at low prices!

Give Storebox Ireland a call on 01 506 5525 or get in touch here!