Moving house tips: how to de-stress your big move

Moving house tips: how to de-stress your big move

Notoriously, moving house is the second-most stressful thing that you will have to deal with in your life.

Experts have only dealing with death as the more stress-inducing period. That’s a cheery start, right?

Well, just as well there are things that you can do to make moving house that little bit easier!

Here are our tips for making moving house a little less of a to-do:

Declutter before moving house

It’s amazing how much stuff one person can accrue over a lifetime. Add a partner and kids into the mix and suddenly you have a lot of stuff to move!

But ‘clean house, clean mind’ is a mantra for a reason. Be honest about the stuff that you really need. Get rid of the things that you don’t. Suddenly, you might be looking at a smaller removal van and a lot fewer boxes!

At Storebox, many of our customers use our storage units for sorting their things out. For instance, people store seasonal clothes, kids’ toys, and anything they just need out from under their feet.

Speak to your utilities’ provider

Moving from a flat to a house does not usually coincide with the end of a utility contract.

Speak to your gas, electricity and internet providers to make sure they know well in advance, so you can avoid any penalties.

Often, it will give you a chance to negotiate a new deal, because utilities companies are in vigorous competition with each other for your custom.

It might save you a packet, when money is at a premium!

Pack early and take photos

The sooner you can pull your stuff together, the better. Separate out the things you need for different rooms, so that you can get the right moving materials.

Boxes, tape and containers can be sourced easily online, places like BoxDepot. It is best to invest here, the last thing you want is the bottom falling out of a secondhand box!

The sooner you can pull your stuff together, the easier it is to get together an inventory. That way, moving house doesn’t mean losing precious belongings.

Be sure to take photos too!

Choose a trusted removal company

The last thing you want when moving house is a removals company leaving you in the lurch.

There are some highly-rated removals companies in Dublin, but be sure to use a website like TrustPilot to ensure that you are going from the recommendations of other people moving house.

Having experienced removals people will help you unpack easily, so you can make your house feel like a home in no time.

Get yourself a celebration pack!

We all know how stressful and expensive moving house can be – so be sure to treat yourself with some nice food and drink!

Or, better yet, get someone else to treat you instead!

If you need any help, be sure to contact Storebox for any of your storage needs. Our sites in Clondalkin and Artane are perfectly suited for you if you’re moving house around Dublin and the surrounding areas!