Musical Instrument Storage Tips

Musical Instrument Storage Tips

No matter what you play, whether you are a synthesiser wizard or a woodwind virtuoso, you need to make sure that your musical equipment is stored in the right way.

From your instrument itself to the reams of musical notation along with bulky amplification equipment, your equipment needs to be kept in the safest place possible. Storebox storage in Dublin is the perfect solution.

Keep your gear safe.

Here are our storage tips to ensure that all of your musical equipment is kept in the best possible condition:

  • Ensure all of your musical equipment is well-prepared for storage by cleaning and conditioning. Relax strings, remove reeds and disassemble parts.
  • Don’t use an oil-based polish on wooden instruments.
  • Use cases designed for your instruments to store. Ensure that the cases are in good condition themselves, with no obvious signs of damage or decay.
  • Store instruments in an additional waterproof polyethylene bag.
  • Use a dust sheet or tarp to cover your piano.
  • Always clean your instruments thoroughly when taking them out of storage.
  • Store instruments away from any vents of doors – particularly if you store other items as well as your instruments in your unit.
  • Keep instruments, electrical equipment, or boxes of papers raised off the floor on a pallet or on a shelving unit.
  • Keep electronic equipment, CDs, or flash drives in additional waterproofed material or boxes.
  • If you are moving a piano, consider using a professional piano removal service.
  • Keep an inventory of your items along with photos for insurance purposes.