Five ways storage units can help you out

Five ways storage units can help you out

We have ten years’ experience in secure storage in the UK and Ireland – but why use Storebox?

Here are our top five reasons to use a storage unit, and why the majority of our customers trust us to keep their stuff safe!

1. Decluttering

You might feel that you have as much space as you need. But with the arrival of children – and their departure to college – it’s amazing how much you can accrue.

Of course, decluttering your home is therapeutic. It can give your space a new lease of life. To that end, Storebox offers flexible contracts to suit every need.

2. Storage for downsizing

Many of our customers are retirees, looking to downsize from the house they have raised their family in.

This usually involves moving somewhere smaller in space, but often there are items that people want to keep safe.

Generally, people decide to use Storebox for taking care of goods of sentimental value, or seasonal items.

Our remote access system means that your things are available when you need them!

3. Moving house

We don’t need to tell you how stressful moving house can be! The time, money and energy put into moving makes it the second-most stressful aspect of a person’s life.

Above all, we try and remove stress by offering somewhere you can store the stuff you need or want to sell.

Many of our customers are young families that find themselves with extra toys that they don’t need, but don’t want to throw away.

Use one of our smaller units to keep the things you need safe while you get to know the new place!

4. Business use

Big and small businesses use Storebox to keep their precious stock safe. We house tradesmen, small start-ups and many more besides.

Storebox provides secure, flexible storage for businesses of all types at our sites in Artane and Clondalkin.

We have units that are varied in size, so choose the one that is right for you.

5. Travelling or temporary storage

Are you off on holiday, or that round-the-world trip? You might be moving out of your apartment, and the family aren’t so keen to fill up their house with your stuff!

We have units as small as 10 sq. ft., and as big as 160 sq. ft., so can keep your things stored safely while you go and makes the memories of a lifetime!

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