Storage for students: how to declutter your life

Storage for students: how to declutter your life

A clean house means a clean mind, which is why proper storage for students is a necessity.

The stereotype of the messy college house is one that doesn’t help when it comes to the crunch of exams, essays and dissertations.

As former students ourselves, we know that having your space in order makes the world of difference when it comes to keeping a balanced social and college life.

At Storebox, we offer storage units that can be used to store your stuff while you focus on what’s important.

Our units are very close to DCU, UCD and Trinity campuses, so you can come and go as you need!

Storage for students

When you first move in, the focus is just on getting everything in. As a result, there’s not much time spent on where everything should go.

If you take a little time to rearrange your room, that is often where you’ll find a bit more space.

One of the added benefits of doing a proper declutter is that you can identify the unnecessary stuff. Once that’s done, you can put up a few adverts to get a bit of extra cash.

Be ruthless. There will be books that were needed last semester, and may be needed again. But there are also things that you won’t look at again.

Charity shops are always looking for donations – they’ll happily take any extra clothes or items that you want rid of.

Talk to us about our smaller units about the stuff that you have left.

Our flexible contracts and low prices mean that Storebox is the best way to get storage for students.

Our remote access means that you don’t have to rely on anyone else to access your stuff. If you organise a sale of a few books, you can come and get them when you need them.

In the meantime, we keep your things safe and sound while you focus on your future.

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