“It works like a dream” – Why I use Storebox

“It works like a dream” – Why I use Storebox

At Storebox, we know that customer testimonials are far more important than what we say about ourselves.

Roisin Curran owns Showtime Theatre School in Clontarf, and uses Storebox for the day-to-day running of the school. Showtime is just one of the many businesses that use our storage on a daily basis.

So why did she start Showtime?

“This will be my tenth year. I got into it because of my daughter, who was very shy when she was young.

“I had been looking at theatre schools to put her in, but none were suitable for her. Someone said to me: ‘why don’t you do it yourself then? You’ve done it for years!’

Roisin’s passion had been drama for a long time – it was a ‘sliding doors’ moment with a friend that inspired her.

“Someone said just do it – so I did!

“I had always done it on an amateur basis, but then I had done my training in it so I got a drama teacher in to do the dancing – I did singing myself.”

Every year, Showtime put on a production to showcase their kids’ talents, but their tenth anniversary performance was disrupted by the COVID-19 outbreak.

“That has been hard – we were due to perform in April, but had to cancel; we rescheduled for August and have just had to cancel that again.”

But necessity is the mother of invention.

“We had to wait until the teacher and I could operate from the same room, and the plan now is to offer online classes throughout the summer, to give back to the kids.

“We’re ‘Zooming’ – as they say – at the moment!”

Why use Storebox?

Showtime’s business involves a lot of kit: costumes for the kids, set designs, and so on – Roisin says that she has found Storebox’s flexibility to be a real help.

“The kids would have a huge amount of costume changes. Five or six for the whole show, and there are large numbers of them.

“I actually just passed by Storebox in Artane, went onto the website and contacted Michael [Conway – Storebox owner.] Since starting, I have had to increase space and have gone into the new building!”

Roisin chose to move from her 75 sq. ft storage unit to one that was 100 sq. ft – and was happy with how easy it was.

“It has worked a dream. When I was moving between the two sites, the flexibility was great.

“I wasn’t double-charged, and I appreciated that. Then I ended up keeping that second unit because I am moving out of my home to renovate it!

“I since recommended Storebox to a neighbour who is a solicitor, because the location is great and it’s no hassle.”