Working from home: adapting to the ‘new normal’

Working from home: adapting to the ‘new normal’

Millions worldwide have had to get used to working from home, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For many, it will be a welcome break from the commute. For others, it means adapting your space to ensure a productive environment.

With ever more businesses deciding to avoid high office rents, more people will find themselves mixing their home space with work.

An ordered home means an ordered mind, so here are our tips on how to adapt your space to make working from home a breeze.

Working from home : how to do it successfully

Use your space wisely

For most people, their work can be done via a laptop and a phone – so not much space is needed.

To adjust to working from home effectively, it involves readjusting how you see your space.

Spring cleans often come from having become immune to the mess and disorder during the winter months – this is what you need to do when assessing your workspace.

Be honest about what you really need. Try to slim down to the necessities.

Adapt to what you have. What was once a coffee table can become a desk, or you can get a laptop support for working from your sofa. If you prefer a higher perch, a high-backed stool to take advantage of the kitchen surface can work, too.

Declutter using our Storebox containers – some items are seasonal, or not needed for the time being.

Adapt your furniture

One of the positives of lockdown is that a lot of people are getting rid of good quality furniture because it doesn’t suit their needs.

For instance, Freecycle Ireland is a great place to link up with people offloading small desks or seating. DoneDeal is another great place to pick up some bargains.

There may be some areas of the house that you need to adapt to a home office, but they are full to the brim.

Look at Storebox’s container options – we have units of all sizes that can be used on a flexible, short-term basis.


With some sanding and a lick of paint, furniture around the house can become a great addition to your home office!

Upcycling means taking what is around the house and adapting it for your aesthetic or practical needs. For example, old storage boxes or pallets can become coffee tables, as below.

Get creative – it’s another way to make working from home more enjoyable along the way!

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